p>Hi all, im a new author on here, and hopefully every couple days or so i will have new things to show or tell you that you find mildly interesting!

ANNNYWHOO… I have been super busy this summer, but during my free time I have been watching¬† Xena, obsessing over every little detail. I am a NERD! haha. and once I was done with that I started watching Breaking Bad. That show is freaking AMAZING!! I am already all caught up, now just waiting impatiently, twitching, waiting for season 4 to start. For those of you who havent seen it, watch from the beginning, its so good, but does include some questionable material, so if you know nothing about it, its for an older audience. mature teenagers (psh.. like that will happen) can watch the show but some may not be able to handle it.

WELL….. another topic, I am a HUGGEEEE Buffy The Vampire Slayer NEEERRDD!! Its my favorite show ever. So I may quote some things from buffy frequently… haha.¬† Well while im on the topic, the actress who plays buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has a new show coming out in the fall. Its going to be on the CW, and seems to look pretty interesting. Its called “Ringer”. Im sure it wont be as awesome as Buffy, but its worth checking out.

Hmm.. its getting pretty toasty in here so im gonna go swimming….and pretend to be a mermaid…. just kidding. ^^

… but really..i am going swimming.. so i need to stop typing now.. but I seem to be stuck to my chaiirrrr… ARGGHH.

i know im crazy, and i apologize for that, well actually… i dont.. so there. :P

I just am procrastinating carrying all my crap outside and putting it in my car, and feeling that horrible feeling when you open your car door when its 95 degrees outside, and inside the car its like 110. Sheesh.But I guess i will risk melting and leave now, because swimming in a nice swimming pool and getting a ridiculous sunburn sounds refreshing.

…till we meet again…

XOXO ~Purple Phoenix~